The Sea Around Us gives a unique insight into Katrín’s life and work with seaweed for over 30 years. She discusses her relationship with the ocean and the philosophy that drives her work with Emblamar Studio the Reykjavik-based creative studio she founded.

Icelandic / Norwegian photographer and film-maker Magnus Andersen created this film following Katrín as she harvests seaweed from the Reykjanes Peninsula, and prepares it in her workshop, giving an honest and uplifting view of seaweed as a prime sustainable material and it’s potential benefits for future generations. The film features original music by Dymbrá, and costume design incorporating seaweed by Sunna Örlygsdóttir.

The Sea Around Us

Director: Magnus Andersen
Creative Director: Charlie Strand
Director of Photography: Blair Alexander Massie
Costume Design: Sunna Örlygsdóttir
Music by Dymbrá – Eyrún Úa Þorbjörnsdóttir, Eir ÖnnuÓlafs & Nína Solveig Andersen
Sound design by Jóhann Vignir Vilbergsson

The time of great change is already just around the corner reminding us of the beauty in life and reawakening this inherent unconditional love for nature – inside of us all and around us all.

Emblamar Studio Exhibit, Harpa 2023

Video by Brian FitzGibbon

I have been open and curious without finding a definite answer.  But the inquiry in itself has helped me to reach out to the younger generation – the ones who receive from me an idea as how to work with the seaweed for this purpose – a material for design.

I myself have been fortunate enough as to be surrounded by books – written by people with this passion for nature and I have been impregnated by their works and wisdom – their dedication to educating us – describing for example the BIGGEST ECOSYSTEM ON EARTH.

It is important to look ahead – to be the driver into the future of opportunities – hand them over to the coming generation – and it will be theirs to continue and improve what we have already achieved.